20 Scroll Animation Plugins You Must Start Using

Last updated: 06-07-2019

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20 Scroll Animation Plugins You Must Start Using

Keep your website up to date by using these outstandingscroll animation plugins which follow the web design trends of 2017. Make your website interactive by using various animation effects that trigger when you scroll.  This article contains 20 scroll animation plugins you can start using in your current or upcoming web projects. 

These effects will definitely make your website more appealing and keep your users engaged. Create a wonderful online experience for your visitors to make sure they will remember your website.

You can have scrolling animation that uses the vertical or horizontal space. These will unwind while you move your mouse-wheel down or up, to return to the main page.And also, there is the parallax scrolling which creates the illusion of multiple layers that unfold beneath your eyes. This creates the illusion of a 3D layout with depth.

No matter which technique you choose, be careful no to exaggerate with the effects since these might be a little tiring and can make your website load slower.

This is an amazing scrolling effect that you can quickly incorporate in your designs. See the demo and decide if this suits your style.

This is a creative scroll effect that, when using the mouse-wheel, your layout will move from right to left, in a horizontal position. This also includes a parallax effect that looks outstanding.

This is an amazing scroll animation plugin that you can use right away. This is extremely easy to set up and it doesn’t require any further configuration.

This is a very creative jQuery scroll effect that demonstrates that, with the right technique, you can do just about anything. This scrolling animation follows various patch, lines, and arcs, it does rotations, move from right to left, etc.

Download and use this jQuery parallax scrolling effect that, as you ca see in the example, does an amazing job and it looks beautifully.

This is an unusual type of scrolling effect that uses the arrows, up and down, and the space bar to navigate around the design.

Here is another lovely scroll effect that you can quickly add to your website. This design also uses the space bar to move around the website.

This is a stunning parallax scrolling effect that shows all the custom action that you can apply to any element. You can scale, rotate, skew, change the lighting, etc. Also, n the bottom of the page is a progress bar that shows you how far along are you until your reach the end of the page.

This beautiful scroll animation has the complete section menu on a fixed position on top of the page. You can use the scroll wheel to navigate or simply click on each section and it will instantly go to that point.

This is another wonderful scroll animation that you can use to apply various effects. These are enabled when using the scroll wheel.

This is an outstanding scroll animation which simulates a 3d wheel that rotates up or down to display the content.

Here is another wonderful animated scroll plugin that you can use to add an interactive design to your websites.

Have a look at this beautifully animated scroll effect which uses a smooth transition between the sections of the website.

This is a creative scroll animation effect that you can use to navigate around the website. This is realized, not with the help of the mouse wheel but by clicking on each bubble.

This is another stunning jQuery parallax scrolling effect which helps you create striking animation effects for your website.

This is another wonderful scrolling plugin with a parallax effect that demonstrates how to use a multi-layered effect for exceptional results.

This is a beautiful scroll plugin that uses lots of animation effects to get your attention and to keep you engaged.

Here you have a stunning scroll animation plugin with a beautiful parallax effect that creates the illusion of a 3d design, with depth.

Download and use this simple but very effective scroll animation effect and integrate it in your current or upcoming digital projects.

This super scroll animation effect has it all: various animations, parallax effect, simple integration.

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