Top 11 Inbound marketing blogs you need to bookmark

Last updated: 08-05-2019

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Top 11 Inbound marketing blogs you need to bookmark

Are you an inbound marketing expert?

However modest an answer you gave to that question, the industry continues to evolve. There are different curves to keep ahead of, new tools and techniques to familiarise yourself with, and a whole host of voices speculating about what's coming next.

In short, you've still got more to learn.

Here are the best inbound marketing blogs on the internet today. We've scoured these sites from all over the place, and they contain lessons and insights from the best inbound marketing influencers.

Seth Godin is themarketing guru. He has 19 books, 30 years of experience, and a very snazzy pair of glasses. If you aren't familiar with him already, it's time to rectify that.

His posts are tailored more to the philosophy of marketing than to actionable steps marketers can take, which makes an interesting change from many of the other blogs in this list.

"When you're over your head" is a good example of Seth’s distinctive style.

Neil Patel has a lot of good stuff to say. He is a New York Times bestselling author, and his entrepreneurial skills have been acknowledged by Forbes, Barack Obama, and the United Nations.

His posts are very action-oriented, often precisely detailing what results you can expect. A recent post is a perfect example of this: "17 Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools That Will Increase Your Engagement by 154%"

Jeff lists bragging rights on his website, including "#1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer", "World's #1 Business Blogger", and "#1 Content Marketing Influencer Globally".

His content leans toward social media, but he also writes wider business pieces like "5 Life Skills That Successful People Master That Others Don't".

"Use media and community to earn customers" is the headline on Chris' website, and his blog contains musings on various aspects of marketing. He has worked with Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, and other huge names, so his words carry some weight.

"Why Your Company Needs to Understand Memes" is his latest post, and it's a compelling read.

Heidi's blog flaunts her "deep knowledge of cutting-edge marketing across diverse product categories", and there are some real gems in her posts archive.

A couple of posts that stood out are "Marketing Versus PR: What’s the Difference" and "What’s Your Brand DNA?".

These guys are inbound marketing industry leaders, and their entry on this list boasts a bumper five blogs for you to follow:

Does it mean professionals or professors? Either way, these folks know what they're talking about.

Their website has an enormous list of marketing topics, and clicking any of them brings up a wealth of content pieces. For this blog, we're going to recommend you click this link and see for yourself, rather than recommending a specific post.

This is one of our favourites due to the huge range of topics covered, and the opportunity for members of the community to have their content featured. Advertising their content as "the best advice, research, how-tos, and insights" from the "top wizards, doctors, and other experts" in the industry shows just how varied you can expect the content to be.

The Moz blog is also home to the famous Whiteboard Friday, initially pioneered by industry guru Rand Fishkin. Each week some aspect of marketing is explored in detail in funky video format. Find the latest instalment here.

"The world's largest social media marketing resource", with a decade of content under their belt and counting.

These guys delve deep into all social media platforms and deliver frequent quality content that teaches you how to maximise your social success. "How to Improve Your Instagram Story Engagement" is a recent post that perfectly demonstrates their knowledge and style.

This site is affiliated with Neil Patel: a marketer so renowned he made our list twice. It is a knowledge base for marketing expertise, with a well-researched and highly actionable writing style.

A recent post called "Optimal Blog Design: 11 Elements and Examples of Blog Layouts and Designs" is indicative of their informative and conversational style.

If the other blogs in this list are the giants of the industry, think of us as standing on their shoulders.

Our blog contains well-researched and well-written content on all aspects of B2B marketing. Check it out here (hint: you’re already on it).

There are literallythousands of other inbound marketing blogs that didn’t make this list, so if you don’t like what you see, dig around and give ussome suggestions in the comments below.

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