Digital Marketing Services for Business

Last updated: 06-28-2019

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Digital Marketing Services for Business

I have received lots of questions about my previous article about digital marketing.

Some of you are still not clear on what digital marketing services are. So today, I will shed more light on this topic to answer your questions.

Then, I will also use this article as a reference in my future meetings and consultation with prospects and new clients.

In my previous article, I covered topics such as the definition of digital marketing, what digital marketing is not, what is a digital marketing strategy, and so on.

Therefore, there is no need for us to go over all that again here. Let’s move on, shall we?

As a digital marketing services provider in Lagos state, Nigeria, my job entails a wide array of things. It is because digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers different things.

My job requires that I have a firm grasp on things like:

To serve my clients satisfactorily, I strive to be their go-to source of information on all the above as well as their brand strategy, web design, web development, web analytics.

Clients also require my services in their social media marketing. Therefore I have a firm understanding of social media and platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Since my clients regularly outsource their digital campaigns to me, I help them to integrate their offline marketing into their online marketing for them to have an integrated marketing strategy.

I help clients to extract valuable customer insights from their digital tools.

Although Mauco Enterprises a small digital marketing agency in Nigeria, compared to some of our competitors, we are not to be a one-trick pony.

We offer our clients different types of digital marketing services such as:

We live in a digital era. Therefore, for your company to stand any chance of survival, you need to take advantage of digital marketing to make your product or service available to your customers 24/7. Hence, digital marketing is indispensable to your brand.

Every business needs it. There is no successful business today that does not require digital marketing in one form or the other.

Think about it. Your company is either engaging in content marketing, social media marketing and advertising, search engine optimisation or search engine marketing or at the very least email marketing and SMS marketing.

I mentioned above that the best way to use digital marketing services is in an integrated campaign.

But to be more accurate, the reality is that most people today spend the bulk of their day on one digital device or the other.

Therefore, offline marketing has practically gone the way of the dinosaurs in my honest opinion. These days, most companies are spending the bulk of their budget on digital marketing rather than traditional marketing.

At Mauco Enterprises, we specialise in providing digital marketing services exclusively for business owners.

It’s because as a business owner myself, I find rewarding providing digital marketing services for a B2B business or small business near you.

As a digital marketing service provider, when I meet potential clients, their main concern is cost. They immediately bombard me with questions on service pricing and pricing plans.

While these are valid concerns, I try to educate clients that they should focus more on the value that I’m adding to their business.

Through my structured questionnaires for new clients, I strive to find out what the client’s main pain points regarding their marketing efforts.

Then I enlighten them on how I can provide a solution to their pain points through digital marketing.

I enlighten them about its impact on their website design, web development, SEO, the tools I will use, and so on.

Once they recognise appreciate the impact that digital marketing service is adding to their business and their bottom line, then they see it as a necessary business expense rather than a cost.

Then the client can see and appreciate the ROI.

There are different ways you can go about hiring digital marketing services. Instead of hiring someone in-house, some companies prefer outsourcing digital marketing services to an agency.

Other companies may choose to take on an individual consultant rather than an entire agency. Whichever way your company wants, at Mauco Enterprises we can adapt to suit your requirements.

I hope I have been able to answer your questions on digital marketing services? Schedule a meeting to get started or if you need any clarification.

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