What are Some of the Best Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research?

Last updated: 06-19-2019

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What are Some of the Best Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research?

When computers first came out, it was all about the disk operating system. Today, it's all about getting people to visit your website to make an online purchase. Google remains the top search engine with its smart algorithms allowing people to search faster and smarter and with the free Google webmaster tools like Google analytics and Google Search Console tool you really see how well your web page, landing page or website are performing.

For example, Google will display answers without a full search query, and you don't need Google Chrome. Artificial intelligence turns the lights on in our homes with a voice command. The same goes for finding websites.

SEO marketing helps people to find what they want when they want it. It's about connecting the dots with products, such as recommending a product through ads that complements the one you are buying online.  

Now you can spend a lot of money trying to find keyword ideas that answer the public's questions and then try to rank for perfect keywords and long tail keywords, but we're going to show you keyword search tools that are free. Using these SEO tools are not only a great way to save money, but they help start your SEO strategy.

Keywords are part of search marketing. This subspecialty of digital marketing was created when marketers realized how valuable words (or keywords) could be when used in search queries. It is through keywords and phrases that a person can find their target audience. They also help a business owner learn more about their customers. For example, a business owner who sells makeup brushes can learn through changing marketing conditions that purple makeup brushes are trendy. The business owner can add purple brushes to his online store to increase traffic and sales. Keywords have a lot of power when you think about it. They can predict shifts in demand as well as create products, services, and web content.

Keywords and phrases that bring in traffic and increase sales for your business aren't hard to find. You can discover them organically by asking yourself a few questions:

Once you discover the right keywords and phrases for your business, you need to find out their value. The cost of each word will affect the CPC budget. Keyword phrases can be long-tail keywords since long-tail keywords are three to four keyword phrases that are very specific to a product or service. A long tail keyword is made up a seed keyword plus a modifier (e.g., weight loss meals).

They are used towards the end of the buying cycle since these words are specific to what the customer wants to buy. For example, someone searching for "skinny blue jeans size 2" will be ready to purchase the product as opposed to someone searching for "blue jeans." Also, when searching for a product on a website (e.g., Amazon), customers will find related searches or products. For example, at checkout, a customer will also find products below the product he or she is buying that are complementary. Companies do this create "bundle" packages to get more sales. Keywords can also be used in hashtags in social media to increase a blogger audience.

Some of the Best Free Keyword Search Tools

Keyword search tools do a number of things for business owners, bloggers and digital marketers, such as helping to learn more about their competitors, choosing the best keywords based on their niche, boosting site traffic and creating a content calendar. They will generate a keyword list as well as give you search volume, keyword difficulty, and keyword suggestions. We thought we would narrow it down to the keyword search tools we like (besides our own):

This provides keywords not available through the Google Keyword Planner.

Level 3 – below the surface results – also gives associated keywords for all levels.

Each Keyword tools has its own specific focus of which we will cover a few here. KeywordTool.io is an alternative to Google Keyword Planner and is excellent for long-tail keywords for every search term. Ahrefs is a paid service and will give you backlink audits, link building data, and website monitoring and much more in its paid subscription service. "Answer the Public "is more specific in that it will give you prepositions, questions, comparisons, related keyword searches, and more. For searching long tail keywords, KWFinder is an excellent choice. And SEMRush analyzes competition research and helps with backlinks.

You can export your new keywords into an excel spreadsheet using a CSV file. Once in your excel spreadsheet, you can remove duplicates, as well as rank the keywords for the best keyword match, competition, frequency, and more. You can even export your data into Google's Adwords. These tools offer the flexibility marketers and entrepreneurs need, whether for daily or monthly keyword searches. They provide a report on a specific keyword, keyword ideas, search results, and more. A keyword planner is an essential part of your PPC campaign, so choose wisely.

You shouldn't use these search tools just to create content (. e.g., a landing page or Bing ad) to build your content marketing strategy. SEO tools are valuable resources to help you get your SEO strategy off the ground. It's important to know which keywords perform best on search engines, such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo! There is a science to SEO and knowing all the factors will help you create a  digital marketing plan that will lead your company to success.

There are free keyword and paid keyword tools that will provide the keyword research data to keep up with search trends and the latest practices in content marketing. It's essential to use the best keyword research specifically for your business and client. In the world of SEO, a business or company wants its listing to land on page one of a SERP. This ensures the business will be seen and clicked on by users. However, staying in this position cannot be guaranteed by anyone. It comes down to expert SEO practices, including discovering relevant keywords and utilizing a keyword planner, such as Ubersuggest.

At Results Driven Marketing, we research for better ways to get access to the best keywords for your business, niche, size, industry, volume…etc.  We help you understand the way your customers and competitors think to create an SEO and brand strategy that works. Contact us today at (215) 393-8700 for a free web presence evaluation!

Note: This article originally ran here in July of 2018, but has since been updated to provide you with much more in-depth analysis

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Janeene and her team have been helping customers increase qualified traffic to their websites by using the latest digital marketing strategies, including SEO (search engine optimization), PPC advertising (pay per click), Display advertising and social media marketing. If you or your business are looking to be found by more people that need your services, contact Results Driven Marketing, LLC or give Janeene a call 215-393-8700.

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