What a Digital Marketing Agency Really Does... and Why You Need One 

Last updated: 05-30-2019

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What a Digital Marketing Agency Really Does... and Why You Need One 

What a Digital Marketing Agency Really Does... and Why You Need One 
By Amber Blevins
24 May, 2019

Consumers have changed a great deal in the past two decades, maybe more than any other time in history. The digital age has completely altered the way consumers shop and compare, as well as the way they make their purchases. Because of this, marketing has also undergone drastic changes.    
To get the best marketing results for your business, it’s important to understand how marketing has changed and how a digital marketing agency can help. 
Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing 
Traditional marketing, digital marketing... Boiled down, they’re both marketing.
Definition:  Marketing—The total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.   Dictionary.com   
No matter how you’re doing it, marketing is meant to get new customers, keep existing customers, and sell your product or service. But there are some distinct differences.  
Traditional Marketing 
Traditional marketing, or what was simply known as “marketing” in the pre-internet era, typically involves a broader target approach, is often limited to specific geographical areas, and is generally not as analytically based as digital marketing. Think print ads, TV commercials, radios spots, and the like. A great example of traditional marketing is those tried and true billboards you see while driving down the street. The theory is pretty simple. Find a billboard in your business’s general area, get your advertising team to design the ad, and put it up for all the world – or at least your town – to see.  
The problem with traditional marketing methods is the inherent inability to narrow your target audience and track and measure your results. This is clear in the old marketing methodology called, “spray and pray.” With this method, you simply saturated your audience and prayed for good results. Not a great way to approach marketing your business in general, and especially not if you want to make the most of your marketing budget. 
Digital Marketing
Digital marketing - also known as internet marketing - differs from traditional marketing in two main ways. First, digital marketing methods are different. Here we’re looking at social media marketing, optimized web pages, PPC campaigns, targeted ads, and email marketing. 
The second major difference is digital marketing’s purely research and results driven approach. There's absolutely no, “spray and pray” here. The seemingly endless tracking ability of the internet means digital marketers can identify where your target customer spends most of his internet time, which forms of communication he is likely to respond to, and when he does contact you, exactly which channel he used. 
All this tracking, measuring, and research means digital marketers can scale and pivot their campaigns quickly and easily. If a pay-per-click campaign isn’t performing well, for example, it’s easy to end it and focus those efforts elsewhere. No six-month contract on an under-performing billboard or tons of money invested in a bad TV ad. With digital marketing, your marketing budget is used much more efficiently. 
What a Digital Marketing Agency Actually Does 
Digital marketing agencies tackle the challenge of targeting your audience and converting them into customers. The agency you partner up with will learn about your brand, your customers, how and where you want to grow your business, and your ultimate goals. 
With this information, digital marketers plan specific campaigns and initiatives to reach your goals. But it doesn’t stop there. One of the best things about digital marketing is the wealth of information available, often in real-time, about the performance of a given campaign and the overall performance of your marketing strategy. 
Your marketing partners are tracking all this good stuff, even those things you don't ask or care about. From how many hits your website got yesterday, to how many people viewed your Instagram post this morning, or even how many people shopped on your site but left before purchasing. Your marketing team is reviewing the results, crunching the numbers, and deciding on the next steps to take.   
While most agencies don’t offer the full gamut of services, here are some of the services you can expect from a high-quality digital marketing firm. 
Targeting and Strategizing
Social Media Management and Advertising
Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
Email Marketing
Should You Work with a Digital Marketing Agency?
Easy answer: Yes, you should! Especially if you’re a small business without the advantage of an internal marketing team. 
Digital marketing partners are there to help you make the best of your marketing budget. While most agencies offer a wide variety of services, you’re certainly not required to make use of them all. A great agency will take into consideration your budget, your timeline, and your goals, then present you with a plan that makes sense for your business. 
While you might already be good at content marketing, or you have some skill at Google advertising, most of us aren’t experts in all the digital marketing methods out there. This is where a digital marketing partner can step in and develop a well-rounded plan to increase your customer-base and grow your business. 
If you’re looking for an internet marketing partner or you just want to learn more about digital marketing, check out Locallogy . We’re internet marketing experts and we love to share our knowledge.
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What a Digital Marketing Agency Really Does... and Why You Need One 
By Amber Blevins • 24 May, 2019 •
Consumers have changed a great deal in the past two decades, maybe more than any other time in history. The digital age has completely altered the way consumers shop and compare, as well as the way they make their purchases. Because of this, marketing has also undergone drastic changes.    
To get the best marketing results for your business, it’s important to understand how marketing has changed and how a digital marketing agency can help. 
5 Ways a Great Website Can Drive Traffic to Your Showroom 
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Many brick and mortar business owners consider their websites to be purely supplemental. Sure, it’s a great way to get more eyes on your brand. And a website gives you the chance to exhibit photos of your projects and goods to the greater public. But for many, especially those in the service industry, it’s hard to see the connection between your website and driving foot traffic to your shop or showroom. 
These business owners are failing to realize there is a very real, proven correlation between online traffic and foot traffic. Research tells us 87% of consumers  start off shopping online. Whether they’re looking for a new pair of shoes or for a contractor to remodel their kitchen – the search begins with the internet. For service professionals, it’s imperative those online searches lead customers directly through the doors of their showroom. The way to do this is with a great website. 
Why Your Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Site Needs a Blog 
By Amber Blevins • 06 May, 2019 •
The internet is full of statistics about blogs and blog traffic. And there’s a common theme - websites with blogs consistently get more unique visitors than sites without one.    
Search engine algorithms and rules can be confusing. There’s a ton of technical stuff happening in the background of every Google search. But there’s one thing you don’t need to be an expert to understand: Google favors websites with fresh, meaningful content that’s full of relevant keywords.    
This means regular blog posts geared toward your customers can help move your website up the list of search results. Don’t miss the important part of that statement:   regular blog posts .  
Growing your online presence takes time and effort. Throwing up a blog posts here and there every few months is not likely to help your Google rankings. The key is consistency.    
How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews in a Positive Way
By Amber Blevins • 26 Apr, 2019 •
Most businesses, no matter the industry, will see at least one bad customer review in their lifetime. Your company can fall into this category, too, often without major fault on your part. With a home remodeling company, for example, an appliance could have been incorrectly ordered, or the client may be unhappy that their remodel took slightly longer than expected. Although these things happen and are quite normal when dealing with a service-based business, customers often forget that and take out their frustration on the only outlet they know: The Internet.
The reactions many business owners have when they see a negative online review involve getting upset, finding someone (either the client or an employee) to blame for the situation and hoping potential customers don’t see the review. But rather than let a bad review get to you, there’s an easy—and smart—way to turn that negative online review into a marketing asset for your business.
4 Ways to Sell Your Services with Strategic Content
By Jackie Petre • 04 Apr, 2019 •
Appearance plays a large role in selling your services. In fact, the majority of your clients will choose your company based on what they see on your website: images of your work. That’s why the use of high-quality images is an absolute must for any business, no matter what size or industry.  
What we often see with artistic-oriented clients—like designers—is a large focus on aesthetic. These clients try to keep the copy to a minimum to focus on visuals, but that is a big mistake.
4 Ways to Make Sure Your Website is Secure
By Jackie Petre • 28 Mar, 2019 •
Every few weeks, we hear about a new company’s website getting cyber attacked, leaving thousands—if not millions—of consumers vulnerable to having their personal information compromised. If companies like  Facebook  and  Target  are susceptible to data breaches, how can small businesses expect to stay safe? 
In reality,  small businesses are more likely to get hacked than large corporations . They hold more financial and personal information than just one individual person but less security than a large corporation. This makes small businesses the  perfect target  for hackers.
By Jackie Petre • 21 Mar, 2019 •
“What’s the difference between sponsored content and native advertising?”  
The digital marketing world is a mystery to many. As soon as you think you have a solid understanding of how advertising works, you learn that there are a variety of online advertising strategies to conquer and different scenarios in which to use each one. 
When our clients hear terms like “sponsored content” and “native advertising,” they often ask us what the difference is and how to know which ad strategy to use. Our response is that you can test the various forms of advertising fairly easily—but first you have to understand the nuances of each one.
How Voice Searches are Changing the Internet
By Jackie Petre • 15 Mar, 2019 •
Voice assistants are everywhere. From our smart phones to our in-home smart devices, people are using voice-activated technology for almost everything. Chances are, you likely use one of these voice assistants on a regular, if not daily, basis.  
As we mentioned, the function most people use voice assistants for is performing searches. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers   survey  asked how frequently people use voice assistants to search for something they’d normally type into a search engine, 89% of survey respondents said either daily or monthly. This was the most popular response out of all the survey options.
The thing is, these devices only read back the top answers when asked to perform a search. So, when it comes to optimizing websites for searches, we now have to think about voice-based searches.
FAQ: What is A/B Testing and How do I Use it in Digital Marketing?
By Jackie Petre • 07 Mar, 2019 •
Have you ever wondered whether your digital marketing efforts were falling short? Is there something you could be doing differently to get better results? Even if you find something you want to change in your digital marketing campaign, how can you tell if it’s making a difference?  
That’s where A/B testing comes in.
Why Local Listing Management Matters & 3 Ways to Do it 
By Jackie Petre • 01 Mar, 2019 •
Contrary to belief, your business’s local listing isn’t something you can create and forget about. Like any part of your digital marketing strategy—such as your website, social media profiles or PPC campaign—local listings require maintenance and ongoing management to be effective. 
A  recent report  from Local Search Association looked at the importance of  local listing management  and how it affects businesses. According to the report, more than 30 billion local search queries are performed each month in the US and 86% of consumers say they have used a search engine in the last month to find local business information.

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