Picking A Social Media Marketing Avenue: Instagram vs. Facebook

Last updated: 05-28-2019

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Picking A Social Media Marketing Avenue: Instagram vs. Facebook

With the introduction of social media, marketing has become a lot easier and effective.

Marketers can reach out to the millions of people in no time. However, depending on your promotion goals or types of business, one social media site might work better for you than the other. For example, Instagram and Facebook are highly recommended for the marketing purpose, but they both have their own specifications.

Let’s discuss the weak as well as strong points of Facebook and Instagram with regard to marketing.

????Facebook is favorable for the following reasons and scenarios:

????Instagram is favorable for the following reasons and scenarios

The above words emphasize the importance of higher visibility. No social media platform offers better reach than Facebook.

One reason is that unlike some social networks, Facebook’s usage is not limited to a specific age group, and you would meet people of diverse age groups. Be it a teenager, adult or aged, everyone has good enough representation over there.

According to a website DreamGrow, there are more than 2.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook. That’s far more than Instagram.

In fact, it is more than any popular social media site. So if you are looking for visibility and not targeting a particular age-centric audience, Facebook is by far better than Instagram.

Attaching links in posts is an effective way to spread information. On Instagram, you can not connect more than one link in the bio section. What's more, you can’t even share links with photo captions there. Facebook frees us from this limitation.

You can attach as many links as you want to. Therefore, to promote blog posts or informative content, Facebook should be your destination.

For example, if you are running an online news company, you should pick Facebook for its marketing. In simple words, any business where publishing content is mandatory, Facebook is preferred.

Plus, Facebook also allows you to share other’s content on your timeline. On the other hand, we can only share our original posts on Instagram. This quality makes Facebook a better place to spread informative content.

Getting feedback from clients is also an essential part of marketing. Smart entrepreneurs don’t ignore this aspect.

Facebook-liveis in fashion these days to get the first-hand feedback from the consumers. That way, not only you will be able to personalize with customers but also getting input from them will help you in the future marketing campaigns.

According to a new report, Facebook ad revenue is 6.82 billion dollars. The revenue has increased by 59 percent since 2015. These figures indicate the incredible performance of Facebook ads.

The amount people spend on these ads is rising every year. So we can say that Facebook advertisements provide a better Return On Investment (ROI) than Instagram ads.

No doubt the world is shifting towards mobiles. Today, before creating an app, mobile-friendliness is kept in mind. However, the usage of laptop and pc is still relevant.

With Instagram, you can’t appeal to pc or laptop users due to its mobile-oriented design. It is difficult for Instagram users to read stories, edit or upload photos through the computer.

However, Facebook is one-size-fits-all. Be it a laptop, mobile or PC, we hardly notice any difference while browsing Facebook.

Till here you knew the benefits of Facebook among competitive social media forum Instagram. The interesting fact is that people still love to use it and upload their stuff which means that there are numerous advantages of Instagram.

While Facebook is hands-down the best platform to reach out to the people from different walks of life, Instagram is more specific in this regard. Because the majority of the people using Instagram are youngsters.

Statistics show that the majority of the audience on Instagram is between 18 to 34 years old. So, if you are looking to target only millennials, then Instagram is likely to give you better results compared to Facebook.

There are more than 60 million business-related pages on Facebook. As mentioned in why brands should embrace Instagram instead of Facebook, only 32 percent of the pages' followers regularly engage with the brands through comments, likes or asking questions. These stats will not look attractive to any marketer.

If we talk about Instagram, the numbers are way more encouraging there.

According to the figures, Instagram leaves all the social networks behind when it comes to engagement. The research (mentioned above) also found that 6 out of 7 social sites had 0.1 percent engagement rate.

But Instagram's engagement ratio jumped to 4.21 percent. This is 58 times more than Facebook's rate. These figures are mouth-watering for any entrepreneur.

There are so many famous brands with more followers on Facebook than Instagram. Still, their engagement rate on Instagram is better than Facebook.

So, if you are looking to host an image contest, Instagram must be your number one choice. Even though it is said that the engagement rate is declining on Instagram, but still it is managing the top position.

Organic reach of Facebook did well in the earlier days. Initially, Facebook even accepted hashtags to highlight posts in the newsfeeds. But today it does not stand up to the standard of marketers. That is why many companies are encouraged to go for paid posts on Facebook instead of organic.

Hashtags are almost dead on Facebook which is considered crucial for organic performance. The best you can do is to request your followers to share your content. But this strategy is not dependable.

On the other hand,Instagram is all about hashtags. You can add as many as 30 hashtags in a single post. Digital marketers believe that when an Instagram account reaches to 500 to 1000 followers, its organic reach increases to a great extent. A Facebook page needs more than ten thousand followers to reach the same number of people.

As mentioned above, Facebook should be preferred to promote content-related business, but Instagram is best for the products which attract young people. Such as beauty and fashion products - mainly because Instagram is more prevalent in youth.

(Socialinsider Study) US Instagram Beauty Brands: Overusing Hashtags Does Not Increase The Engagement Rate For Posts

Millennials feel more connected with brands who are open to them. You must have seen many well-known names of the corporate world sharing their "behind the scenes" moments through Instagram Stories.

Companies also set up a short question-answer session using "stories" feature on Instagram. It has proven to be an effective way to personalize with the audience.

Facebook and Instagram, both are very effective tools in the marketing world. But they have different utility. It really depends on your goals or type of your marketing campaigns to convince you which medium will suit you better.

No doubt, digital marketing experts rate both social sites very highly. Therefore, you can not deny the importance of either Facebook or Instagram.

Stella Lincoln is a marketing manager at Crowd Write. Also, she writes for Academist.

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