Some Social Media Marketing Tips That Remain Mostly Hidden

Last updated: 06-24-2019

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Some Social Media Marketing Tips That Remain Mostly Hidden

social media marketing When you read about social media marketing there is a lot of stuff focusing on the effectiveness of various social media platforms. While it is true that some social networking platforms are more powerful than others, it does not mean being on the most powerful one will always be the best move. You could make the most out of your account on a mediocre social networking platform and still get thousands of fans and followers but sharing the content in the right way. It is just that sometimes you are focusing too much on big things to focus on the little ones. 

One big thing that most people don’t realize is that sharing an image with the post makes a big difference. You could even try to do that on your social networking account. Share a post with image and the same again without an image. You will notice a big difference. The one with the image will get clicked a lot whereas the one without the image won’t get as many clicks. This is a psychological effect and you can’t do much about it. The best you can do is use the phenomenon to your advantage. 

Sharing new and interesting stuff on social media only once is a big mistake. If there are people who tell you that sharing the same stuff twice is a mistake, they are telling you wrong. Remember that earth is round and it revolves. There are different time zones in the world and when there is morning in your country, there is night on the other side of the world. There are obvious peak hours when people like to view, share and comment on socially shared content. You have to hit those peak hours for different time zones multiple times to have your sharing get noticed. 

Don’t share just one form of your post. Give it multiple titles and share it multiple times. This is called A/B testing in the online marketing term. What this means is that you are sharing the same post but with different description and title. If one sharing gets more views and clicks than the other, it’s telling you which one to use. You could do A/B testing in many different ways. Try changing the title very slightly and share it once without an image and once with an image. See the difference and use the trends and patterns to your advantage. 

Reward your followers and fans in whatever way you can. This is going to earn you a very reputable image in their minds. If you are a business with lots of fans and followers, it is best for you to use the Google Hangouts. This way you can get in touch with your fans, interact with them and answer their questions live. Don’t forget the hashtags. Hashtags can also give a huge exposure to your content but it depends a lot on the type of hashtags you use. Use them wisely and also use applications that will help you with hashtags, articles and pictures associated with hashtags.

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