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Last updated: 06-22-2019

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Social Media Marketing Questions Startup Entrepreneurs Ask and their Answers - 365 Drops

Social media marketing has turned out to be the most cost effective means startup entrepreneurs in 21st century can promote their brands. Instead of spending several thousands of dollars on traditional marketing, you can opt for digital marketing which social media and email marketing are the very leading tools ever known.

In an interview, Tiffany Simpson, a digital marketing consultant was of the opinion that in the next couple of years, digital marketing will displace traditional marketing. If that is true, what it means is that entrepreneurs who give proper attention to understanding all that there is about social media marketing will not be leaving any money on the table.

From time to time, several questions keep popping up about the use of social media as a marketing tool but only very few answers were offered in response to them. So in this blog post, I’m going to be responding to some of the questions my clients often ask me.

Here I have a few simple tips for you, based on my own experience. I’m trusting it will be helpful to you.

The answer is no. You cannot and shouldn’t be in all the social network just because you trying out social media marketing. The ideal thing here is to concentrate on 1 to 2 social networks at first.

Just as it is in real life, you need to take care of your contacts and interact with them. With more than 2 networks, you may not be able to develop the emotional connection needed to turn fans and followers into loyal customers.

You will need a professional bio (about you or your company if it’s a company page), a professional profile photo or image of your company logo, your contact and the link to your website. Check out this blog’s profile on Twitter for guideline.

Fill your accounts with interesting tips, pictures and information. Share content from other accounts, blogs, and more. From the beginning start advertising your social media platform and at the same be open to accept offers.

Don’t forget the 80/20 rule – which means, 80% of your posts to your network should be interesting, helpful and free and while 20% of your posts should be advertising.

Give people time to get to know you. Be open and show them who you are and what you do. So you build trust.

You can share blogs or single articles from blogs, quotes, tips, pictures, videos, events, news, current events, breaking news, insights into other cultures, news from personalities, discount promotions, product recommendations and much more.

In between these posts you can position discreetly your advertising (for example 2 posts with “foreign” content, 1 post with your offer, then again 2 posts with “foreign” content).

It is also very important to give your posts a personal touch. What do I mean by that? Surely you have your own writing style. Put it in your posts. And show people who is behind your company, post photos of you and your workplace, give people news about your projects or plans, and much more.

Let people be part of you and your business. Ask them what they want from you, make surveys and follow the wishes of your followers.

It is also important to have a great photo for every post. Just at the beginning you will have little budget. So where do you get the pictures? Just search the internet for free, license-free pictures, which you can use everywhere and start.

Use the best but for the same posts always the same pictures. This just makes people feel more easily and so you increase your recognition value.

It’s not right to share your new content at an odd hour none will be available to engage with it. In order for you to quickly dominate the social media space, you need to know exactly when to share your post.

The best time to share a new post is what we call, 10 O’clock news.

It is that time of the day everyone (especially your target audience) are online. The active period for your target audience is the best time to share your post.

Build your network all the time. Just on Twitter – by the way, my absolute favorite network – is a fine and pleasant thing.

Follow interesting people, who are perfect fit for your niche. But of course, you can also connect with people who do not necessarily fit into your niche. Sometimes I find many interesting people, who come from another business corner. Nevertheless, I am with them, as I am always open to new things and I also like to learn from others.

Search outside the social networks, complementary companies and bloggers. Share content from them and connect with them. Famous bloggers and large companies have been attentive to the people who share their content on a regular basis and have already entered into co-operations with them. So share what’s going on – yours and those of others.

Comment and interact with your contacts. Show interest and find out their wish or problem. Show that you understand the person, because that is the only way to help them.

Are there more questions you would like to ask about social media marketing that were not taken care of in this blog post? Feel free to ask me in the comment box.

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