How to succeed with digital marketing

Last updated: 06-20-2019

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How to succeed with digital marketing

Digital Marketing today empowers your business, brand or organization across industries and countries.

So whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company, whether your business delivers through a brick and mortar solution or a combination of online enquiries and physical store visits or as a business you are strictly functioning via an ecommerce model, the focus of empowering your customers,boosting your services, engaging in real-time using digital marketing will enable you to deliver exceptional business today across countries.

Well, that is, if you plan it and execute your digital strategy well.

Here are few powerful digital transformation, digital strategy, digital marketing ROI guides that will add value to the way you deliver using digital marketing today as a successful organization.

The first step is ensuring there is a smooth digital transformation within your organization. This does not merely mean updating your website, upgrading your technology tools, gadgets in your office, updating your machines, devices or even operating system. To ensure a smooth digital transformation today, you need to focus at the root level concern. Which is, employee development, employee advocacy, employee skill development programs and with that digital skill upgradation through custom designed corporate training programs while ensuring other forms of digital upgradation within the organization.

Here again, just randomly having your team attend a training program is not going to cut it out for you. You need to ensure while planning such training programs the following aspects without fail:

So ensure your organization is not just a part of the digital marketing trends for 2017 but rather, is able to boost these strategies for a customized digital marketing campaign that is relevant to your organizational goals and real ROI.

Your digital strategy needs to make sure it focuses on the following:

Quality Leads: Focus on the word QUALITY here. So rather than having 10,000 leads or enquiries through the year with a 1% conversion rate focus on may be using the right tools, process, marketing and management strategies to get may be 1,000 leads but with a much higher and way better actual sales conversion rate. This in the long run will also add value to your business.

Email subscribers lists: This is a powerful way to generate leads. Lots of websites make a massive mistake even today not giving users or website visitors an option to easily subscribe for updates from the business by merely sharing their email address. You could add incentives by creating quality content and giving users an option saying SUBSCRIBE for Resourceful UPDATES with a SINGLE CLICK HERE and they could add their email id in return for quality content, free e-books, free downloads, white papers, case studies etc. Once a website visitor gives you their email address you have an opportunity to engage and connect with them in the long run for more real-time conversations. Purchasing email lists from others or using the same without approval from those email users is a strict NO.

VALUE could be in the form of a case study based download, or step by step how to guides, e-book which helps them with analytics, customer insights, etc about their industry, email newsletter updates that sincerely shares new and original content each and every time a new article is updated, helps these readers solve an actual problem that they could be facing in their business, provide extended chat based support from time to time using social media or social networking platforms, free webinars, a timezone across different days when prospects could reach out to you to ask queries wherein you can share your experience and know-how to help and or assist them etc.

These, will be real value-adds in every sense of the term.

Analytics should never be underestimated in today’s world.

In fact, today, there is so much information overload that even living in the moment is getting difficult.

So its core to get the right metrics that are relevant to your business goals.

These metrics should enable you to create buyer personas which allows you to design a customized customer journey for best customer experiences in their digital touch-points while interacting, engaging with your brand and business to enquire, interact,

To provide the best value, at the end of the day, you must have a detailed understanding of your prospects and or buyer’s journey.

If your digital marketing strategies focus only on likes and follows, then you need to redesign the same as over the years, digital marketing and social media brand ROI have evolved in a great way to ensure that the results go beyond vanity metrics and focus on real ROI using digital marketing today.

SEO and SMM: Search engine optimization is no longer a stand-alone. If you as a business today are planning to empower SEO for your website, blog etc and your only know-how of the same is to optimize keywords, then you need a massive change in your process. SEO today encompasses more than keywords. It focuses on quality content, relevant content, easy to use website UI, focused keywords and phrases, quality traffic, Pay Per Click (PPC), targeted users, responsive websites, social media marketing (SMM) feeds, real-time engagement and so many more factors. So all of this needs to work together as one.

Call to Action: Every post, article, update, website page, content etc needs to have a clear call to action. Provide users with easy to fill contact forms, email options, quick call options, chat forms, social networking profiles etc so that they can reach you using process or tools that they are comfortable with.

Measure, track and work on feedback: So its wonderful that you have all the aspects of a successful digital marketing ROI strategy in place. Now the final goal is to ensure that you get constant feedback from end users, improve your website experience or social media engagement real-time experience for best customer experiences in the most personalized way possible.

So the next time you plan a digital marketing strategy, ensure that you have all these factors taken into consideration to be able to have a successful digital marketing campaign.

What are your experiences with digital marketing so far?

Do you have any queries, if so, please feel free to share them with me here.

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