Get Your Social Media Budget Approved with These 22 tips, White Paper and Podcast

Last updated: 06-01-2019

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Get Your Social Media Budget Approved with These 22 tips, White Paper and Podcast

Get Your Social Media Budget Approved with These 22 Tips, White Paper and Podcast

Do you struggle with having what you think may be the best social media marketing plan on the entire planet yet have no budget to implement? An idea is only an idea if you don't have the funding, energy or ability to ever execute it. Some of the best ideas never make it to market simply because the person behind the idea doesn't know how to get the buy-in, obtain the budget, needed support to make it a reality.

Do any or all of these problems sound familiar?

Would you like answers to these questions? If yes, you have landed on the right blog and podcast today.

One of the biggest challenges business, digital and social marketing leaders face across organizations of all sizes is obtaining the needed support, buy-in and funding to achieve their desired goals and objectives.

My training and consulting agency, Marketing Nutzworks with organizations of all sizes from startups to Fortune 10 organizations. We recently just launched a new training academy, Social Profit Factor which helps small business, entrepreneurs up to Fortune 10 brands learn how to leverage social media to truly drive real business results.

We help business of all sizes earn the needed support, trust and budget so that they can begin to finally once and for all implement modern and social media marketing strategies and tactics into their business to increase measurable results.

Many businesses have pockets of people within the organization who understand they need to make major shifts in how they are utilizing social media, digital media and modern technology and communication, yet they struggle with making it happen. They struggle with making the needed mindshare shifts, and even getting their organization off the starting block and away from using the social networks for only spamming and tactics that in reality may be hurting the brand more than helping.

Getting approval from key stakeholders, executives, board members, or even investors is key to success for any major program. This includes social media. Social media should not be a band-aid you slap on the side of your business, hoping you can improve your bottom line with more amplification via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. You get out of social media what you put into it, and that includes budget. This is often a hard nut for many executives new to social media to swallow.

Download this free white paper and then take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast and learn how you can setup a 6 month plan for budget approval. The key is to earn the trust and respect early on in your social media program so that you can earn the additional needed budget in later phases of your project. The podcast will provide you with the foundation to help you win support of even the toughest to please c-suite executive and stakeholders as early in the process as possible!

I split the podcast into two sections. The first includes 5 things you should NOT do and the second includes 5 things you MUST do.

Take a listen and be sure to subscribe to the entire series on iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud!

In addition the bottom of this blog posts is loaded with helpful resources, templates and white papers for you to leverage in your planning and execution. Be sure to download the full white paper which includes even more tactics and strategies to get your Social Media Budget Approved!

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