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Last updated: 07-30-2019

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4 Steps To Creating The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2019 | Social Media Revolver

Besides being clear, concise, and measurable, your plan must alsooutline the goalsyou have for the year and how you manage to achieve them.

Too many companies get into social media marketing on an ad hoc basis. While they’re aware of social media being an effective way to reach more audiences, they just don’t understand what needs to be done.

Some businesses give access to their brand social accounts to one of the junior staff members—merely because they’re young, so should understand all about social media.

However, we’re well past a social media strategy of post and hope in today’s competitive world. Companies need to build a strategy and operate their business social accounts in a rather thoughtful, strategic way.

If you don’t have your strategy measured, you risk the danger that your competition will. As a result, they’ll gain more market traction and exposure than you.

71% of customers who’ve had a good social media service experience with a business are likely to refer it to others. And yet 96% of people who discuss brands online don’t follow the profiles of those brands.

Even if you appreciate the magic ofinfluencer marketing, you still have to manage some social accounts yourself. The goal of influencer marketing is often to direct visitors to your social media channels.

So, think of influencer marketing as merely an extension of your brand’s social marketing strategy.

Here are four easy steps to help you produce an ambitious yet effective social media marketing strategy.

Before you start considering your new social media strategy, it’s important that you obtain a better understanding of your company’s social media performance in the previous year.

If you take a look at the metricsfrom all social media channels, you’ll find where and how you’ve generated leads, pushed social follows, driven traffic to your site, and increased conversions.

You need to align these results with the targets you set for the previous year. While a higher number of likes and shares of a certain campaign you previously ran may look appealing, you still need to make sure each campaign is gaining its specific predefined objectives ultimately.

Tracking social media metrics regarding your company’s goals will enable you to monitor whether or not your social performance has been successful in terms ofSocial Media ROI.

Once you’ve fully examined your social performance, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of your last year’s successes and failures. Now, you can plan an actionable social marketing strategy utilizing all that information.

Whatever business you run, your audiences will be made up of different groups of people. Your job is to find out who these different audience groups are, what content they’re engaging with, and which social media channel they all hang out on.

Next,create a persona for each of your audience groups.

This will help you to identify who your followers are. 90% of brandsthat use audience personas say they’ve led to a better understanding of their customers.

You can use the insights obtained from your audience personas to tailor your social media marketing strategy. This will also help you to create effective strategies, ensuring you engage with all of your target audiences on social media.

Furthermore, audience personas can inform content creating, ad targeting, marketing campaigns, and more to ensure conversions against your targets.

It’s recommended that you define your key distribution channels and identify your strategies for each of them.

In 2018,Statistaidentified the most crucial social media channels for marketers across the world. As the graph below shows, Facebook was the most effective social media channel for 67% marketers, with LinkedIn being 12%, Instagram at 10%, Twitter at 5%, and Pinterest at 2%.

However, even though these generic stats help provide a bigger picture,understanding how your own business and its audience interact on social media is much more useful.

Research will show which social media platforms your target audience is most active on and engaged with your brand, helping to identify where to focus the majority of your resources.

Find Out the Purpose of Different Social Media Channels

Identify the Right Time to Post

Disclaimer:The data below has been collected from a huge variety of sources that allowed us to determine the top days and posting times on different social media channels. This is just to give you an idea. You’re advised to do additional research on your own. With that said, let’s take a quick look at them!

After growing a decent amount of following,social media promotions can be a great way to get your products in front of a bigger audience and generate sales.

Before you start spending money on advertising, try posting a timely and attractive offer to your social media channels. Make sure touse an appealing image to draw more visitors in.

Your social media promotions should be compelling and easy to act on. If the sale is running over a few weeks, it’s also okay to post about it several times. Urgency is a crucial element of a successful promotion. Make sure to post about your sale, especially in its last 24 hours.

Test your promotions on a regular basis to see which results in the most sales. Just be sure to keep that 80/20 split—with 80% of your content focused on ensuring value and 20% promotional. That way, customers won’t feel inundated with your sales-driven content. Instead, they’ll be more than willing to buy from you.

Social media is widely used to increase brand awareness and inviting consumer engagement and activity.

However, we all know that the social landscape has become extremely competitive, and using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach your consumers organically has also become nearly impossible—this makes it crucial to pay formobile advertisingif you want to succeed.

As the use of mobile devices continues to climb, a targeted push notification strategy may just be your answer.

Push notificationsare a universal ad format that works with any type of service, product, and CPA offers. You can use them to inform your clients of the latest products, features, news, and other relevant updates.

Adding push notifications to your marketing strategy can be a smart move for your brand to continue growing. Customer engagement will benefit your sales in the long term.

Remember,building trust with your clients ultimately turns them into buyers.

If creating a social media marketing strategy seems like a daunting task, consider taking one step at a time. You don’t necessarily have to do everything all at once. If you take the time to come up with a plan with clear goals, a consistent schedule for your content, and regular analysis, you’ll create a group of audiences who will be eager to buy your products.

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