Generate Leads with the Best Promotional Items Under $1

Last updated: 08-07-2019

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Generate Leads with the Best Promotional Items Under $1

Advertising your organization effectively doesn’t have to be expensive. When you’re working within a budget, you need inexpensive marketing ideas. Great news! There are many wonderful, low-cost promotional items available.

There are hundreds—even thousands—of promotional items under $1. Keep reading to see which giveaways will generate awareness and leads.

Because they are carried all over the place, its not surprising bags generate more impressions than any other promotional item. Fairs, festivals and tradeshows are great venues for the Heat Seal Exhibition Tote, which can easily hold flyers and other materials your customers may pick up. For a reusable, go-anywhere bag that people will take to the store, library or even to the beach, hand them an Everyday Grocery Bag with your logo printed on any one of several brilliant colors.

Calendars are a sure-fire way to keep your name in front of customers for 12 full months. It certainly helps that 76 percent of consumers who own calendars have them displayed prominently in their home or office, allowing many more people to see them.

A magnetic calendar, such as the Bic® Calendar Magnet, is great for refrigerators or office cabinets. A handy Removable Laptop Calendar makes for a great date reference when people are hard at work (or play) on their computer.

Did you know that half of U.S. consumers who have branded drinkware use it two to three times a week? And when you consider that 53 percent of consumers own promotional drinkware, that’s a lot of beverages being served with a side of branding.

Water bottles are used at home, on the road, in the park and at the gym. Branded sport bottles, like the Sport Bottle with Push Pull Lid, are promotional items under $1 that will demand attention. For a splash of color that can change the fortunes of your business, give stacks of Mood Stadium Cups to nonprofits needing cups for a carnival or other event.

Sometimes the best promotional item is one that seems rather ordinary. These can turn out to be extremely popular, extremely useful and extremely effective giveaways. That’s because promotional health items are very useful, with 30 percent of consumers owning one.

If you’re in the health field—be it a drug store, home health services company or a senior living center—a 7-Day Med Minder can keep your name in front of your target audience seven days a week. Customers who take medicines regularly will be reminded of how much you care every time they use it. And since 27 percent of people who have branded health items take them along when they’re on the go, consider a logo’d Bandage Dispenser. That way, first aid will always be available in case of a paper cut or small scrape.

You read that right! Food items are a preferred giveaway, with 58 percent of people choosing it over all other promotional products.

Why are food items so popular? Maybe it’s the instant gratification, like the fruity flavors in the 5 Piece Mini Candy Roll. Maybe it’s because food can feel like a reward—try wrapping a Hershey’s® Mini Chocolate Bar in your logo. Or maybe it’s because food is right for almost all situations, including a busy event or trade show. A personalized Flip Top Dispenser with Sugar Free Mints might be just the thing to keep the conversations going.

The humble pen is actually the most cost-effective promotional product under $1, since the cost per impression is a mere 1/10 of one cent. They’re incredibly useful, and 50 percent of Americans own some sort of promotional writing instrument. The next time you need a signature, let potential customers use an Epiphany Pen and then tell them to keep it. If your crowd is a little more tech-savvy, a Tri-Band Stylus Pen can be used to jot down ideas on paper or on a phone or tablet.

Even if you’re not spending a lot on your marketing, as long as you get items that are worthwhile, they’ll be kept and used. One Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) survey showed that 52 percent of people would keep an item that costs less than $5 if it was useful. And when people hang onto an inexpensive giveaway, you’re getting quite the bang for your (literal) buck!

With the incredible variety of promotional items under $1, there’s sure to be one that fits your budget and your target’s needs.

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