6 Recommended Promotional Products to promote your brand

Last updated: 07-03-2019

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6 Recommended Promotional Products to promote your brand

Marketing and publicity is forever changing and has quickly become a fast-paced industry with television adverts, magazine adverts, social media, online banners, there is advertising everywhere we turn.

Despite all the clever campaigns emerging especially in the digital world, traditional forms of advertising such as promotional products are still going strong. Why? Because simply promotional products are still a powerful marketing tool which can reach the masses often at very low overheads.

But what is the real point of promotional products?

Well they simply allow customers and prospects to see, associate and recognize your brand, acting as a constant reminder in their every day or work environment. All these things are important as the more you can build brand exposure and recognition the better results you will see across your business and sales.

Choosing the right promotional product for your business is also paramount. After all, if you choose the right product you will maximize your reach and relatability.

Let’s take a look at some promotional products you can use to effectively promote your brand;

1. Mugs – This is one promotional product which will always have a good reach – after all how many of us enjoy a morning mug of tea or coffee? It’s a great product to go for as it’s simple, often very low cost and the branding space is plenty big enough to display your logo, company name, or any message you want to put out there. It is also a product that can be used for a long time therefore making people remember your brand often.

2. Umbrellas – Definitely one of the most popular items to have as a promotional product, again largely due to the longevity and repeat use of the product on them rainy days. Also the branding area is very large leaving good scope for branding. This is the perfect product if you are having networking activity events – such as a golfing day perhaps!

3. T-Shirts – Who doesn’t like free clothes? Giving away t-shirts especially if it displays something to do with an event or activity that your customer or prospect is partaking in themselves will always be popular. The branding space is completely flexible from small simple breast logos to full vibrant designs.

4. Key chains – Just about everyone drives or has access to a car. Key chains are a great way to make a lasting impact with your logo. Make that key chain have a double purpose as well such as a bottle opener or shopping coin and you are on to a winner.

5. Toys – Toys for children don’t have to be expensive hence the major appeal. The advantage of giving away toys as promotional products are that parents will always remember your brand when their children play with your toys. The fact that a company has been good enough to provide free toys to children also may strike an emotional response from parents.

6. USB Drives – In an era where technology is at the forefront of most marketing campaigns, USB are a great solution to reach the masses and in some sense bridge the gap between digital and traditional advertising. USB drives are small in size but they offer enough space for a company logo or name. They essentially offer a portable way to promote your brand whilst also being useful and reusable.

Of course these are just a few popular examples of promotional products you can use to maximize exposure for your brand. There are plenty other great giveaways for potential customers, which are desirable as well as sort after. The best thing you can do is research and a lot of old fashioned trial and error to see what works best for you. We wish you luck!

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