4 Signs Your Business Needs to Update Your Custom Store Display

Last updated: 07-15-2019

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4 Signs Your Business Needs to Update Your Custom Store Display

We found this bespoke retail display by Pepsi Cola at a supermarket in the Philippines. The Jeepney-style display is truly remarkable due to its bold color and bespoke shape. And shoppers, especially kids, would go and touch the display. This is a great example of an effective custom store display that is not only attractive, but meaningful as well.

In-store displays are crucial as these are the first things customers will notice in your shop. The more novel and attractive a POS display unit is, the better. It should frame your products perfectly while also highlighting what’s good and relevant about your brand.

But how do you know if you need to invest in a new POS display that delivers great results? Here are signs that you might be needing the help of a POS display designer for your new shop display.

So, what can retailers do? Here are a few things we learned from Pepsi’s custom store display and some tips to help you get started with designing the best in-store POS display for your business.

Indeed, a good merchandise display says a lot about your company and how you care about your customers. A well-designed POS / POP display not only pulls in customers but establishes trust and reliability. Seeing that you don’t neglect how your retail store looks makes customers feel that, they are in good hands.

Whether you need a functional and beautiful custom retail display or personalized  promotional marketing gift items, you can rely on ODM for cost-efficient and reliable sourcing and manufacturing services. Contact our merchandisers and designers at Mindsparkz to get started with your designs.

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