PushSpring & Adobe Partner to Provide Deeper Insights for Adobe Audience Manager Clients

Last updated: 06-26-2019

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PushSpring & Adobe Partner to Provide Deeper Insights for Adobe Audience Manager Clients

PushSpring, an independent app-based mobile audience platform, announced a partnership with Adobe Audience Manager, an industry-leading data management platform, providing direct access to PushSpring data and insights to Adobe Audience Manager customers.

PushSpring provides advertisers and app publishers with mobile app audience data for more than 200 million unique devices in the US and Canada. The company leverages billions of mobile app data signals and related device data to develop PushSpring Personas and App Genre Segments that marketers can quickly and efficiently factor into their ad targeting and campaign equations. This unique data is now available to Adobe Audience Manager customers via Audience Marketplace.

Adobe Audience Manager enables marketers to manage first-party audience data, analyze first- and third-party data combinations, and build unique audience profiles for activation across any digital channel. Connecting first-party audiences with data from available providers, including PushSpring Custom Audiences, Adobe Audience Manager provides marketers with unified, actionable views of their audiences. The data sets can be combined to create high-value audience segments for customer analytics and ad targeting.

“The addition of PushSpring to the Adobe Audience Marketplace further enables mobile-focused marketers to manage and activate audiences across whichever marketing channel they prefer,” said Richard Phillips, senior manager of business development, Adobe. “The industry has begun to recognize the value of starting with mobile originated data in the form of mobile IDs for cross-device audience activation, and PushSpring data provides this industry leading approach to Adobe clients.”

“Sophisticated marketers are continuously evaluating unique data solutions that can complement their first party data sets to gain an edge on their cross-device marketing strategies,” says Brandon Zirkle, Vice President of Partnerships at PushSpring (pictured top left). “With PushSpring data now accessible via Adobe Audience Manager, marketers can combine first party audiences with PushSpring data to unlock new insights and drive efficient activation strategies.”

Through this partnership, Adobe joins a growing list of dozens of available activation partners accessible to PushSpring customers via the PushSpring Audience Console. PushSpring’s customer base includes over 300 top digital agencies and brands that use the PushSpring Audience Console on a monthly basis to create and analyze custom app-based audience segments. Marketers can distribute these custom segments directly from the PushSpring Audience Console to any integrated partner, within minutes.

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