Mobile App Users Expect Better Search and Recommendation Experience

Last updated: 06-16-2019

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Mobile App Users Expect Better Search and Recommendation Experience

A lot goes into Mobile app development. Yet, there is not much research done on how mobile app consumers are likely to search and recommend an app! For mobile users, user experience is everything. But, how do you first help these users with app discovery in the first place? There are countless tutorials on the current trends on Mobile app UI/UX; but are these really helping people find the right app for their activities. That’s where Mobile Marketing teams seem to be losing their revenue opportunities. App store search marketing is a phenomenal tactic to understand consumer attitudes throughout the App Discovery stages.

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According to Redbox Mobile report, mobile marketing teams should focus on both paid and organic channels of app marketing.

Before starting your App Development cycle, you should be familiar with the various scenarios of Mobile app user’s behavior. For instance, do you know how consumers find apps including how they search, where they are searching and the influence of factors such as app store charts, featured apps and social media?

Have you figured out when consumers are most active browsing app stores and in which country?

By simply leveraging a mobile App Search and Discovery platform, marketing teams can truly ascertain the real impact of paid and organic search on app discovery.

Well, Mobile app marketing is a very ROI-friendly advertising medium for omni-channel brands. It can easily boost a brand’s offline experience and drive Mobile Commerce revenues. Simply pout, it is the second-best medium to connect a brand with its loyal customers on a mobile device.

Mobile app users are analyzing thousands of Mobile Apps from various segments and genres based on multiple factors. However, the factors that influence ‘download’ habit among consumers are ‘ease of search’ and Recommendation. People are most likely to download an app if it’s easy to search, pops up first in the search sequence, has a favorable Star Rating with reviews and of course, provides a lot of Screenshots, Videos and Price options.

According to the report, free or promotional apps, app store ratings and word of mouth are the top influences. The number one method for finding new apps is Searching within an app store. Mobile App Consumers type an average of two to three words in when they search; on an average, four apps are ‘browsed’ in search results before the final download selection is made.

Should you be investing in Paid Advertising for Mobile Apps? Why not! Paid for advertising plays a near equal role to app store functions (57% vs 60%) in influencing the decision to download an app. But, you may have to leverage your automation tactics here. For instance, the report highlights how app store browsing happens throughout the day but peaks between 8 pm and 11 pm of the day! You may be seeing a lot many ‘Zombie’ scrollers who simply browse for fun, but not content. If you provide something different to these browsers, they may actually download your mobile app.

There are over 2 million mobile apps across all major app stores. For your app to get discovered, you have to do something called App Search Optimization or ASO, for short. ASO gets your app a higher ‘discovery’ quotient, helping it to rank higher in app store search results. Increased visibility of your app automatically guarantees a greater interaction with the consumers. Depending on the Search and Recommendations from the app users’ community, your Mobile App actually see a consistent stream of downloads. Download means your app is relevant to a user’s mobile commoditization for daily life. Here is your customer!

“We know a lot about how many apps are downloaded and how they’re used, but very little research has gone into the core reasons as to how and why consumers download apps,” said James Salins, CEO EMEA at Redbox Mobile.

James added, “For the first time, we’ve been able to shed some light on why consumers act as they do on the app stores. What’s clear from the study is that there is no single factor when it comes to driving app downloads. App developers and publishers need to adopt a blended strategy of paid and organic campaigns to drive success.”

Clearly, mobile app developers and marketers have to work together to get their product on top of visibility row. Once you understand users search behavior, you can push for download habits with better UI/UX and app content. Whether you have a local app or a global one, Search and Recommendations Optimization is the next step to growing your mobile-driven business.

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