Why AI is Becoming Increasingly Important to Mobile Marketers

Last updated: 07-03-2019

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Why AI is Becoming Increasingly Important to Mobile Marketers

We at Vibes strive to stay on the cutting edge of mobile marketing technology and trends. Recently, we held a webinar addressing artificial intelligence, something that is hot and noteworthy right now in the world of mobile in the presentation AI-Driven Marketing: Surface Billions of Insights from Mobile Conversations. Eric Van Rensselaer, a Senior Data Product Manager at Vibes, was joined by Nino Bice, a Senior Product Manager of Amazon Comprehend, which is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text, and is part of Amazon Web Services AI solutions.

Here are a few highlights from that webinar.

AI is Becoming Increasingly Important to Mobile Marketers

Eric discussed Vibes’ process of helping customers collect data, analyze it to figure out the best way to use it, and then act on that information, and how artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a larger part of that equation. Through tools like Conversational Analytics (more on that in a minute), send-time optimization, automated segmentation, churn prediction, and content optimization, Vibes clients can maximize the efficacy of their marketing campaigns.

AI Isn’t as Complicated as You Might Think

While brands can appreciate that artificial intelligence is useful, most feel intimidated by it. But Nino shared the mission of Amazon Web Services: to put machine learning in the hands of every developer. The company strives to bury unnecessary complexity in leveraging machine learning and AI so that development teams can easily take the technology and incorporate in their applications and marketing processes.

To that end, AWS provides a wealth of resources to guide developers and brands.

How to Improve the Customer Experience Through Conversational Analytics

Attendees were surveyed to find out what their top question was surrounding AI, and overwhelmingly, they wanted to know how to use it to improve the customer experience.

That’s where conversational analytics come in. Eric said that, in helping Vibes customers with text message marketing campaigns, subscribers sometimes replied to messages outside the normal parameters of a campaign, and brands didn’t know what to do with this information.

Here’s an example: your brand sends a text notification that a customer’s order is ready to be picked up. She replies that she isn’t available to pick it up today; can she come tomorrow? The system is only set up to send an autoreply to her, which doesn’t answer her question and frustrates her.

But once marketers understand different types of responses using conversational analytics, they can use the data to provide more personalized responses and drive a better ROI.

Another example: if a subscriber uses an Apple device, she can react to your message. Maybe she reacts with a question mark meaning she's confused. Rather than let this response slip through the cracks, you can use this as an opportunity to rectify the situation: send her an apology reply along with a 10% off coupon.

As Vibes realized more and more how important AI would be in its mobile marketing solution, we began to consider our options: we could develop a solution in-house that would take months, and work to become experts in machine learning to come up with a solution for our clients...or we could find a really smart partner who already had the expertise and tools to help us help our clients.

Eric says that when we found Amazon Comprehend, we knew we’d found the right partner.  Because the company has vast amounts of data through Amazon.com, it excels at natural language processing and can analyze everything from a short text snippet to a long article to harvest valuable insights.

This partnership has allowed us to understand customer sentiment that can be used to improve personalization and targeting, as well as detect key phrases and topic modeling to identify what information customers are seeking. We are also able to capture insights to create more relevant, personal responses for our clients’ campaigns.

The Future of AI is Happening

We’re so excited to see where this partnership with Amazon Web Services will take us and our customers. We can easily envision a future where our clients can look at predictive trends based on past performance to maximize objectives before launching a campaign.

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