Mass Customization Is Coming for E-Commerce — Here’s How Manufacturers Can Get It Right - Retail TouchPoints

Last updated: 06-22-2019

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Mass Customization Is Coming for E-Commerce — Here’s How Manufacturers Can Get It Right - Retail TouchPoints

Thanks to the immediacy of our digital age, shoppers have a growing desire for products that can be instantly customized exactly to their preferences. But the demand for customized goods does not align with the traditional e-Commerce model, where a customer can choose only from what is displayed on a retailer’s site. Mass customization demands a new approach.

Luckily, with the rise of the B2B2C commerce model, manufacturers are now able to provide a B2C-like experience to the end customer. The right CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution streamlines the formerly complex process of customization, allowing customers to see the price they will pay for the product, and send necessary designs and specifications straight to the manufacturing facility.

For example, TuffShed — the garage and storage manufacturer — utilized CPQ to redesign its buying process to offer a clean and simple drag-and-drop experience. Customers can easily discover a streamlined way to build a custom storage space on their web site and in-store at Home Depot stores nationwide. So how can other manufacturers prepare for this CPQ-driven future the way TuffShed has?

Within the retail industry, some sub-sectors already have begun exploring the potential for mass customization of their products through the merging of CPQ (the configuration of a custom product) and e-Commerce (the sale of that custom product). Luxury retail, for example, has toyed with configuring capabilities on their web sites so that customers can see an expensive luxury product come to life in exactly the way they would like, and purchase it there right away.

This drive for customization will spread to other facets of e-Commerce. But when manufacturers look to make these capabilities a reality when producing the product, they can sometimes go about it the wrong way. Here are some missteps to avoid.

Consumers’ expectations are evolving, and that means manufacturers and retailers together will have to rethink how they fill consumer needs as they pivot to mass customization capabilities with short lead times. Trusting in a modern CPQ solution is key to meet the rising demands and outpace competitors.

Kris Goldhair is an enterprise sales and consulting professional with industry expertise in CPQ, visual product configurators, and B2B2C experiences. Since joining KBMax in 2009, Goldhair has developed strong skills in consultative solution sales, process improvement, value discovery and customer success. As Strategic Account Director, Goldhair works with customers to demonstrate the power and scalability of KBMax’s visual product configurator that integrates with Salesforce (CPQ and Commerce Cloud) to deliver an awesome customer experience.

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