Ensure Maximum Profit from Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

Last updated: 07-11-2019

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Ensure Maximum Profit from Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

There’s no denying that we are living in the age of devices. Consumers are fond of smartphones, tablets, smart watches, home AI assistants, and many others. They can’t even imagine their life without these devices.

As per the Harvard Business Review,

“98% of Americans use multiple devices in a single day”

Even I use 3 devices in a day including desktop, lappy, and smartphone. Still wishing I had an iPad.

Where it’s a world of fantasy for we consumers due to multiple devices, it’s no less than a dilemma for brands and marketers to think on where to send the right message, to the right device, at the right channel, to the right person, and at the right time.

Back in the desktop-only era, answer to these questions was a cup of tea. Not anymore, since the beginning of multiple handy-device generations.

Today, the real question is how brands puzzle out the mystery of these addictive devices to make a way towards consumers?

I know that’s not a new concept but the old ways are not working anymore. Or should I say we need to add more to the list of activities if we want the flow of maximum profit from next digital marketing campaign?

Today, we are going to draw the map of a digital marketing campaign tailored to users’ choice of devices and their availability so that you can open the doors of profit from all sides.

What’s the foundation of any digital marketing campaign?

Content is the bone of a digital marketing campaign. However, during the past years, the content has taken many forms. Those long-form articles are not the only way users consume content. They seek images, videos, audios, quotes, ebooks, courses, or anything helpful to spread your brand’s stories.

I tell you why.

As I said earlier that users have their own choice when it comes to devices. Similarly, their content choices also differ. Some prefer to read long-form articles while some live to see videos. Busy people listen to podcasts or audios to consume content on the way whereas curious learners go for free ebooks or courses to learn from scratch.

You don’t know which content is preferred by which user. Better to create them all to be ominous.

Here’s how you have to create content as per users’ nature.

If you are worried about creating tons of content at a time, I suggest you go for Gary Vee’s Content distribution model. It starts with creating a long-form blog and turn the same into multiple formats like videos, images, audios, ebooks, etc.

Hire writers and graphic designers to take the load off and pay attention to strategies – coming up next.

It’s time to spread your content on different digital marketing channels for best results.

Overall, there are  6 digital marketing channels prevailing on the web.

All these channels are available on all devices. Don’t make the mistake of skipping any channel as it may cost a loss of a big chunk of customers.

Let’s have a brief view of why you need each channel:

You don’t need any reason to have a website. Obviously, it is the core of the business. Still, I would like to add a few words. Make sure you have desk-friendly as well as a mobile-friendly website. A responsive website is a good option to go for. Another thing, the website is a crucial part of a digital marketing campaign where you promote products or services and content, use it wisely. 

SEO improves the website and content’s overall searchability, visibility, credibility, and rankings. It makes content searchable and reachable for users as well as for search engine crawlers.

Content marketing brings awareness and recognition of your brand. It educates users about the problems you are solving and lead them to conversion.

According to the Global Digital Report of 2019 by Smart Insights, the number of worldwide social media users is 3.484 billion, up 9% by year.

If you are not on social media, you are risking to reach a billion customers. Not mentioning the fact that users are addictive to social media. All their leisure minutes are dedicated to smartphones and social media.

You don’t need to know further on why social media marketing is essential.

Pay per click is paying a fee each time users click the ad – also called a paid advertising method.

It takes time to attract traffic via natural, free, ways like social media, SEO, and content. Pay per click is a paid way to buy traffic – a traffic booster for businesses. Also, it occupies the top ad section of Google’s first page.

Newbies often mistake pay per click as the master of all other methods. Remember, it’s a part of a digital marketing campaign. Not the whole campaign. It just adds a few more customers to your bucket.

To acquire new customers and bring back old customers, email marketing is a surefire way to grow the list. It keeps the customer flow going for a lifetime.

Now how would you know the success or failure of your campaign?

These metrics will help you acknowledge what’s working and what’s not, where you need to improve and which strategies are generating maximum results.

It offers information on places where visitors came from and which browser they used. The information helps you maximize efforts on favourite platforms of your targeted audience.

A subscriber or a lead both counts under conversion section. 2-4% is considered as an ideal conversion number or a symbol of digital marketing success. Figures less than this is a serious concern.

Some keywords drive better revenue while some fail to catch the visitor’s eye. Analyze which keywords bring revenue and which ones are just a waste of time. Increase the quantity of revenue generating keywords and leave the others. Remember not to dwell in keyword stuffing.

 Are you ready to Set-up?

Beyond understanding the set-up of the digital marketing campaign and knowing how to implement them for maximum profit, you must: 1) develop a plan that includes all the discusses activities here, and 2) test various strategies to find out sweet spot and stick with them.

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